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TQG’s Capstone Project Simulation, designed for either live or virtual use, is a rigorous process improvement event. Using step-by-step DMAIC methodology, you will address a familiar problem that is in desperate need of a solution. During this Project Simulation, you will work on a learning team, be guided through e-Learning, and mentored by a trained instructor. Everything you need to complete the project is accessible online: templates, tutorials, learning reviews, simulations, data sets, and more


Delivered in one, three, and four day project sessions (depending on the LSS Belt course), the TQG Capstone Project Simulation presents a unique opportunity to apply the skills and tools learned in the Lean Six Sigma courses.

Who will benefit?

Hospitals and clinics that are looking to train team members to become a valuable part of their Process Improvement initiatives will be delighted with TQG’s Capstone Project Simulation. As true innovators of Blended Learning, we know that every organization is different and understand the need to focus learning to your specific environment.


Individuals that are interested in the concepts of continuous improvement, reducing waste and improving customer satisfaction, will increase their value within their organization, while at the same time, develop skill sets that are employed across all industries.

Benefits of TQG's Capstone Project Simulation:

TQG’s Capstone Project Simulation allows you to:


  • Use the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control methodology in a real-world situation to help you truly understand Process Improvement.
  • Identify root causes of the problem, simulate options, and test potential solutions for improvement and implementation.
  • Utilize LSS tools in a demanding setting to effectively solve a problem and sustain the gains made through continuous improvement.
  • Work in a team environment, as customary for most PI projects.
  • Measure your success - as all results are tracked and reported, including a final.
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The Quality Group has partnered with the American Hospital Association SmartMarket to bring blended learning for Lean Healthcare, Advanced Lean Six Sigma Certification, and Project Management to its members.



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